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You came here for a reason

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You do have an idea and you don't want to let it go

The only way through, is through.

There's no easy way to do it. Especially if it's a new idea

We've supported multiple startups. We are always trying to keep their enthusiasm up but let us share something with you.

We've seen that there are 3 ways to start anything.

  • Let's start anyway and we will find out the way!
  • Let's start learning about startups, business, marketing, acceleration, growth, international business, banking, finance, shares, shareholders, investors, pitch, presentations, limitations, law, regulations, GDPR, ePrivacy, planning, preparing and once we've got everything in place, we will begin...
  • Let's start by writing down our idea

      Really, we've seen this; multiple times. We're not super Guru's but we're in the Web Hosting Industry since 2003. Started providing services in 2006, merged our websites to Internetivo in 2010, #NeverBeenHacked and rocking!

Our recommendation for you is to write down your idea, discuss it with someone in order to get some feedback, understand that if you have the greatest idea and you keep it in your mind, it will stay in your mind. Even if you manage to implement it, 90% fail. So, don't worry about sharing your idea(s). Maybe they are not even unique if you kept them secret for a long period of time

Check if there are common startups or businesses out there. If they are, think twice. You will either drop the idea or start finding ways to implement what exists or why your product/service is better

Alright, enough talk. Let's start!

What we would like to ask you:

  • Write down your idea
  • Understand that if you hire someone to implement your idea with a cheap price, you will get what you pay for, even if it's exactly what you ask for
    • Why we're saying that? You are a person, a single person. You can't have all the knowledge and experience a team has. That's impossible. You should understand that there's a reason that there are professionals out there and there is a reason why experience and knowledge are worth
    • Even if you find someone to do exactly what you ask for, it's still limited to you, your knowledge and experience. You need professional hands if you would like to provide professional services; and then you should find the best and easier way to provide what your idea is
  • Share your idea so you could get some feedback
  • Book an appointment with a professional or if you are still scary, try to summarize your idea and ask for a quote (it's a start)
  • Try to find out some startup founders and speak with them
  • Find an agency or people who could help you with your journey
    • They say "Never mix business with pleasure"
  • There are successful formulas you could adopt. Try not to invent the wheel. Businesses are working with transactions for a long time now.
  • Get an offer! If you don't like it, get another one or ask another agency but act!
    • "Do something today that your future self will thank you for"
  • Get psychologically ready within a timeframe and let's start! Start your adventure! Your own dream! Wake up and jump out of your bed!
  • Commit. Review. Adopt. Apply. Act. Be patient. Never give up. Repeat. (Don't stop rocking)